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The SLS process uses powder materials, which are scanned and irradiated by a laser under the control of a computer to achieve sintering and bonding. In this way, the materials are stacked up to achieve formation.

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The selective laser sintering process first uses the press roller to spread a layer of powder on the surface of the formed workpiece, the NUMERICAL control system controls the laser beam according to the profile of the layer on the powder layer scanning irradiation so that the powder temperature rises to the melting point, so as to carry out sintering and the following has been formed part of the bonding

When a layer of section sintering after the table will drop a layer of thickness, then the press roller will be evenly spread on the top of a layer of powder and start a new layer of section sintering, so repeated operation direct workpiece complete molding.

During the molding process, the unsintered powder acts as a support for the cavity and cantilever of the model, so slS-shaped parts do not need a support structure as slS-shaped parts do. SLS process uses a relatively rich variety of materials compared with SLA, including paraffin wax, polycarbonate, nylon, fine nylon, synthetic nylon, ceramics and even metals.

The SLS process supports a variety of materials, molding the workpiece without supporting structures, and high material utilization. Although the price of SLS equipment and material is still very expensive, the material needs to be preheated before sintering, the material will volatilizes odor in the sintering process, and the equipment working environment requirements are relatively harsh.

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