CNC machining of uav parts

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Processing materials: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy
Machining accuracy: 0.005mm
Processing cycle: 7-14 days
Proofing cycle: 1-5 days
Surface roughness: according to customer needs
Maximum processing capacity: 150 processing centers

Categories: Rapid parts machining

CNC drone accessories

Name: CNC drone accessories

Application field: CNC drone accessories

Product material: aluminum alloy

Product process: After CNC machining, sandblasting 120# emery, oxidation

Product use: CNC drone accessories

Product advantages: CNC machining and oxidation process, high precision, so that the appearance and color of the product are diversified

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CNC UAV parts processing uses aluminum alloy as raw material. After precise calculation by advanced CNC processing equipment system, the customized products processed by CNC UAV parts can be accurate to micro-millimeter units. Dongguan Wanfuxin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has advanced The CNC processing equipment can produce non-standard precision parts NC processing, all kinds of aluminum alloy products processing, etc. according to customer requirements. In particular, in terms of CNC drone parts processing and customization, the company has a professional technical production team and advanced production and processing equipment, and promises to deliver high-precision and high-quality products on time.

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