SLA 3D Printing,

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Functional models, quick fit, form and function rapid prototypes, aesthetic prototypes, small batch production parts, master models or patterns, functional prototypes

Categories: Rapid 3D Printing

For 3D printing there are many simple design rules to follow which can improve the results of the parts you print. Minimum feature size is one example. Logos and other fine detailed features need to be designed a minimum size to print.

For SLA: 0.4mm wide and high
For SLS: 1mm wide and high

Download our SLS 3D Printing design tips here, and SLA 3D Printing design tips here.

Whether you are looking for concept models (appearance models), rapid prototyping for functional parts, or direct digital manufacturing for series production end-use parts, it is important to look for flexibility when searching for prototyping companies.

we are highly aggressive on 3D print pricing, so much so that we can often deliver parts faster and cheaper than local suppliers in your home country, even with shipping costs and distances taken into account. Plus, we can take your part to the next level with our advanced surface finishing options that can turn a good part into a great part that will help you sell.

To learn more talk to our rapid manufacturing team today.

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