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Imported nylon material has a high degree of smoothness and is easy to withstand high mechanical and thermal loads. However, the surface of this material has a grainy feel, is not easy to color, and is easy to change color when polished.

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In the printing process of the SLS equipment, a high-power laser is used to fuse small particles of plastic powder into the required three-dimensional shape. The laser selectively fuse powder materials by scanning the three-dimensional data section on the surface of the powder bed. After scanning each section, the powder bed is reduced by a layer of thickness, a new layer of material is added to it, and the selective laser sintering process is repeated until the part is completed.

However, this process and material also have some disadvantages. For example, the graininess is serious, and it is easy to turn yellow under UV

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Main application directions:

■Shell products;

■Car dashboard and grille;

■Assembly design;

■Function prototypes, etc.

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